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What is Jobs Hub

Through Nouava’s Jobs Hub, we have partnered with a large number of businesses in iran’s startup scene to help professionals like you boost your careers.

Some of Our Hiring Partners


The Process

After uploading your CV, our team of specialists will meticulously go through your resume and try to match your set of expertise with positions available within our partners. Our ultimate goal is to guide you through a career path that is right for you.

Hossein Mahdikhah
Hossein Mahdikhah
Nouava Data Analyst
In Nouava, we have brought together real-world problems originating from a vast network of startup companies and new-edge solutions offered by science and technology. This is an exciting phenomenon that you hardly find anywhere else.

Culture beats Knowledge

Great companies have their own unique cultures, which helps brilliant and passionate people shine. here are the values that matters the most to these companies.

  • Strive for excellence to fulfill high standards

  • Be passionate, inspiring, and eager to learn

  • Be transparent, trustworthy and tenacious in work

  • Work with freedom, take responsibility

  • Be open to new ideas and make them real

  • Appreciate and celebrate every achievement small or big

Fields We Need

An opportunity to work on projects with real business impact,

  • Content Marketing

  • BI and Data Science

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Human Resources

  • Graphic and Design

  • Development and DevOps

  • IT and Help Desk

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Legal and Corporate Law

  • Business Development

Application Form

Please fill out the following form, our team will go through your resume and let you know where you can fit in.

Tips for Writing a Better Resume

  • Keep your CV simple and to the point by using clear and short sentences.
  • Make sure that you include your detailed contact info, interests, skills and work experience in the CV.
  • Avoid using general terms such as “Great communication skills” without providing sufficient proof to cite on.

Introduction Video Guideline

Uploading a brief introduction video is not mandatory but it can definitely help our team in evaluating your CV with higher precision.
Your video shouldn’t last more than 3 minutes and it can be in any of the wmv, mp4, mov, mpeg4, mkv, avi, flv formats.

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Passionate but Inexperienced?

Nouava Academy is an experience-based learning opportunity where you gain skills by doing real world jobs alongside Entrepreneurs in Iran’s startup ecosystem.

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